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Puzzlecrypt.com--launched in June 2001--features a new cryptic puzzle every month, as well as occasional "special" puzzles and puzzles contributed by guests.

The site is the brainchild of Kenny and Jennifer Schiff and of John de Cuevas. John creates the puzzles. Kenny designed and maintained the site during its first three years but took a leave of absence in May 2004 to attend to other concerns. His place was taken by Diane Andronica, a Media Technician for the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University. Diane resigned in February 2013 when Kenny returned, and he invited Michael Pekarek to join us. Michael is a web application developer who resides in Slovakia.

John de Cuevas
, at the invitation of Stephen Sondheim, wrote his first cryptic puzzles for New York Magazine in the 1960s and over the next decade or so sporadically published in sundry journals until 1986, when the then editor of Harvard Magazine offered him a steadier outlet for his creations. Alas, a new editor took over in 1996 who didn't believe in puzzles, so that was the end of that until 2001, when the Schiffs came up with the idea for Puzzlecrypt.com. 

Kenny Schiff is the founder and President of T2 Technical Services, a healthcare technology consultancy focused on hospitals. Visionary always, but never afraid to be hands on, Kenny uses Puzzlecrypt.com as a creative platform for his technical interests. His wife Jennifer is a freelance project manager and writer, specializing in business-to-business communications.

The late Marshall Crouch, a retired engineer, test-solved the first ten puzzles that were offered on the site, then resigned. Kevin Wald, a mathematician and word wizard, took over and remains our current test-solver.

In 2004 we conducted a survey of our subscribers. If you'd like to know more about them, click here.