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Solution to Guest Puzzle - August 2012 "Feel the Beat" by Kevin Cadmus

The omitted letters (in parentheses in the list below) spell JAZZ STYLES




  1. BLUES
  3. SHEM
  4. BAN(J)O
  6. BE(A)M
  10. WORM
  11. AFIELD
  12. MA(Z)DA
  13. ORAL
  14. REFER
  15. EGGING
  16. DO(Z)E
  17. FIAT
  18. UNEA(S)E
  19. VALE
  20. BILL
  21. RUDE
  22. TOTEM
  23. PANDA
  24. REGGAE


  1. BEBOP
  2. MOGUL
  3. PLEA
  4. AL(T)AR
  5. INLA(Y)
  6. URINE
  7. FAN
  9. STI(L)L
  10. GAUD
  12. ABED
  13. ROLE
  14. OVER
  15. AMBER
  16. D(E)FEAT
  17. ELBE
  18. FAME
  19. FLOG
  20. LAMA
  21. WARIE(S)T
  22. GANG
  23. CODE
  24. ABE
  25. ADORE

Guest Puzzle Solvers
(The first ten are listed in the order their solutions were received, the others alphabetically)

  1. Darreby Ambler Bath, ME
  2. Stephen Throop Grover, NC
  3. Brian McCrady Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
  4. Al Sanders Fort Collins, CO
  5. Ned Robert Los Gatos, CA
  6. Jim Christenson Port Townsend, WA
  7. Eliot Kieval NewYork, NY
  8. Steve Gunter Raleigh, NC
  9. Judy Adamski Jenison, MI
  10. Cathy Childs Pompano Beach, FL

William Alcorn Cleveland Heights, OH
Robert Brown Albuquerque, NM
Charlene Coates Coatesville, PA
Henry Cook Chicago, IL
Ken Crowell Halifax, NS, Canada
Joe Fendel Berkeley, CA
Stan Francuz Somewhere in Australia
Lewis Gee Poway, CA
Michael N. Geselowitz Cedarhurst, NY
Kris Green Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Michael Green St. Louis, MO
Peter Green Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Craig Harman Washington, DC
Pamela G. Harper Media, PA
Jim Hartney Martinez, CA
Richard Harrison Portland, OR
Dick Holmes Lake Bluff, IL
Ralph Jones Aurora, CO
Wayne Jones Worcester, NY
Dave Kaplan New City, NY
Rick Kasten Alexandria, VA
Eric Klis Minneapolis, MN
Christine Lesburg Millburn, NJ
Mike Lessie Douglassvile, PA
Richard Letourneau Bonita Springs, FL
D. Loeb West Chester, PA
Paul Lustig Lakewood, OH
Carol Marsh Washington, DC
Bob Mattson Smithtown, NY
Jackie Miller Everett, MA
Daniel J. Milton Vienna, VA
Mark Navarrete Quezon City, the Philippines
Mary Lyndal Nyberg Manhattan, KS
Harold Porosoff Scarsdale, NY
Huw Powell Lee, NH
Charlie Pritzlaff Silver Spring, MD
David L. Ratner Larkspur, CA
Arnold Reich Bronxville, NY
Charles J. Rohrmann, Jr. Scarsdale, NY
Mordy Rosen Berkeley, CA
Wayne Scott Jamaica Plain, MA
Dexter Senft Bedford, NY
Callie and Bob Smith Massena, NY
Ashutosh Sodhani Indore, MP, India
Donald Stanley Littleton, CO
Steve Tice Great Falls, VA
Charlie Varon San Francisco, CA
Thomas Wilson South Williamsport, PA
Jay Winter Farmington Hills, MI