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Solution for Acrostic Puzzle #14--February 2004

Primo Levi: The Periodic Table (trans)
Schocken Books, 1985

...All languages are full of images and metaphors whose origin is being lost . . . : horsemanship having declined to the level of an expensive sport, such expressions as "belly to the ground" and "taking the bit in one's teeth" are unintelligible . . . .

  1. PRERAPHAELITE (anagram)
  2. RUNCIBLE SPOON (anagram)
  3. (w)INKING
  4. MENTHOL (hidden)
  5. LASHING (2 meanings)
  6. EF+FI+G+Y
  8. I+MAGINE (enigma anagram)
  9. TO T+HE D+EAT+H
  10. H(AS+HIS)H
  11. EXPONENT (anagram)
  12. PIT BULL
  13. E+NGINEERS (sneering anagram)
  14. RESTLESS (hidden)
  15. ISTH(M)US (is shut anagram)
  16. O+N+O
  17. D(AND)LES (sled anagram)
  18. IN(FEST)ED (dine anagram)
  19. C+ALL GIRL
  20. TAGALO(n)G
  21. A(BOUND)S
  22. BELIEVE (hidden reversal)
  23. LOWER (2 meanings)
  24. ETHOS (anagram)
Note: Thanks to solver Dick Plotz for pointing out that the name ROSSETTI was originally misspelled in clue A.

Congratulations to the following solvers in chronological order:

Judy Adamski (Jenison,MI)
Thomas Wilson (South Williamsport, PA)
Anita Stejskal (Raleigh, NC)
R. Lang
Carolyn Roosevelt (Cambridge, MA)
Joyce Friedman (Cambridge, MA)
William Lane (Falmouth, MA)
Phyllis Rosen
Stan Francuz (Forster, NWT, Australia)
Andrew Silikovitz (West Orange, NJ)
Jim McNally
Mary Lyndal Nyberg
Herb Fish (Napa, CA)
Daniel Katz
Arthur Schless
Ed Stejskal (Raleigh, NC)
Dick Plotz (Providence, RI)
Michael Engber (New York City)
Mark Manasse (San Francisco, CA)
Roy McLeese (Washington, DC)
Norman Crawford (Ocean Pines, MD)
Mike Geselowitz (Cedarhurst, NY)
Tony Greanias (Saginaw, MI)
Carolyn Fox
S. Venkatraghavan (Mumbai, India)
Kiki Neely
Renate Rosenblatt
Rebecca Jordan (Arlington, MA)
Max Good
Wayne Scott
Paul Gordon (Northbrook, IL)
Mike Lessie (Douglassville, PA)

And in alphabetical order:

Judy Adamski
Norman Crawford
Michael Engber
Herb Fish
Carolyn Fox
Stan Frankuz
Joyce Friedman
Mike Geselowitz
Max Good
Paul Gordon
Tony Greanias
Rebecca Jordan
Daniel Katz
William Lane
R. Lang
Mike Lessie
Mark Manasse
Roy McLeese
Jim McNally
Kiki Neely
Mary Lyndal Nyberg
Dick Plotz
Carolyn Roosevelt
Phyllis Rosen
Renate Rosenblatt
Arthur Schless
Wayne Scott
Andrew Silikovitz
Anita Stejskal
Ed Stejskal
S. Venkatraghavan
Thomas Wilson