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Solution for Acrostic Puzzle #9--July 2003

Jimmy Durante: My Deproach to Art

Wouldn't I be a natural for Cyril [de Bergerac]? All dose odder guys . . . have had to make up da schnoz. Not me. I don't need no makeup. I don't need nuttin. Just Jimmy. . . . I'll give dat script what you'd call extensive study and see if it couldn't be deranged.

Congratulations to the following solvers:
Tom Wilson (S. Williamsport, PA)
Stan Francuz (Forster, NSW, Australia)
Herb Fish (Napa, CA)
Joyce Friedman (Cambridge, MA)
Mary Lyndal Nyberg
Dick Plotz
Rick Kasten
Carolyn Roosevelt (Cambridge, MA)
Tony Greanias (Saginaw, MI)
Norm Crawford (Ocean Pines, MD)
Andy Silikovitz (West Orange, NJ)
Jim McNally
Ed Stejskal (Raleigh, NC)
Kiki Neely (Waban, MA)
Phyllis Rosen
Doug Hoylman (Chevy Chase, MD)
Arthur Schless (Unionville, PA)
Elaine Woontner
Matthew Field (Nassau, NY)
Anita Stejskal (Raleigh, NC)
Carolyn Fox
Elaine Cullinan (Valencia, PA)
Paul Noack
David Durfee
Mike Geselowitz
Judy Vogel
Jonathan Belsky
Michael Engber
Kerry Cunningham (Torrance, CA)
Norma Esner (San Francisco, CA)
Max Good
Judith Bagai (Portland, OR)
Mark Manasse (San Francisco, CA)
Elaine Waddington (Montreal, Canada)

And in alphabetical order:
Bagai, Judith
Belsky, Jonathan
Crawford, Norm
Cullinan, Elaine
Cunningham, Kerry
Durfee, David
Engber, Michael
Esner, Norma
Field, Matthew
Fish, Herb
Fox, Carolyn
Francuz, Stan
Friedman, Joyce
Geselowitz, Mike
Good, Max
Greanias, Tony
Hoylman, Doug
Kasten, Rick
Manasse, Mark
McNally, Jim
Neely, Kiki
Noack, Paul
Nyberg, Mary Lyndal
Plotz, Dick
Roosevelt, Carolyn
Rosen, Phyllis
Schless, Arthur
Silikovitz, Andy
Stejskal, Anita
Stejskal, Ed
Vogel, Judy
Waddington, Elaine
Wilson, Tom
Woontner, Elaine