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Solution for Acrostic Puzzle #8--June 2003

Artemus Ward: Pyrotechny

I am happiest when I am idle. I could live for months without performing any kind of labor, and at the expiration of that time I should feel fresh and vigorous enough to go right on in the same way for numerous more months.

Congratulations to the following solvers of Acrostic #8:

  1. Judy Adamski
  2. Thomas Wilson (Williamsport, PA)
  3. Stan Francuz (Forster, NSW, Australia)
  4. Jim McNally
  5. Mary Lyndal Nyberg
  6. Herb Fish (Napa, CA)
  7. Rick Kasten
  8. Tony Greanias
  9. Phylls Rosen (Mt. Vernon, NY)
  10. Carolyn Roosevelt (Cambridge, MA)
  11. Paul Noack
  12. David Durfee (Petersburgh, NY)
  13. Dwight Freund
  14. Arthur Schless
  15. Norm Crawford (Ocean Pines, MD)
  16. Andrew Silikovitz
  17. K. Cunningham (Torrance, CA)
  18. Patrick Phillips (Bainbridge Island, WA)
  19. Anita Stejskal (Raleigh, NC)
  20. Ed Stejskal
  21. Matthew Field (Nassau, NY)
  22. Paul Gordon (Northbrook, IL)
  23. Robert M. and Carolyn G. Smith
  24. Norma Ensner
  25. Dick Plotz (Providence, RI)
  26. Evelyn Pope
  27. William Lane (Falmouth, MA)
  28. Max Good (Chicago, IL)
  29. Elaine Woontner (Marion, IN)
  30. Eliot Kieval (New York City)