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Solution for Acrostic Puzzle #12--October 2003

Newman Levy: Opera Guyed Alfred A. Knopf, 1929

[Tristan], alas, has passed away from wounds that Melot gave him. / Isolda sings the Liebestod; she came too late to save him. / She lies down—dead. The play is done; the curtain bell is ringing, / Thus ends this sad and tragic tale. And Mark? He keeps on singing.

  1. NEARSIGHTEDNESS (anagram)
  2. ETH+MO+I'D
  3. WALKIE-TALKIES (anagram)
  4. M.(ATE)D
  7. LAW-ABIDING (hidden)
  8. ENT(RAIL)S (liar reversal in sent anagram)
  9. VISIGOT+HiS (go visit anagram)
  10. YARD SALE+S (are lady's anagram)
  11. OF THEE I SING (anagram)
  12. PIT+HE CAN'T+HROPUS (or push anagram)
  13. EASEMENT ('e's meant homophone)
  16. GHOST TOWNS (first letters of grubby hotels. . .)
  17. UNSADDLED (anagram)
  18. YODELING (hidden in reverse)
  19. EMPANADAS (anagram)
  20. DEATH'S-HEAD (anagram)
Congratulations to the following solvers:
Renate Rosenblatt
Michael Engber
Anita Stejskal (Raleigh, NC)
Arthur Schless
Eliot Kieval (NYC)
Norm Crawford (Ocean Pines, MD)
Judy Adamski
Phyllis Rosen (Mt. Vernon, NY)
Tony Greanias (Saginaw, MI)
Gary Levin (Bedminster, NJ)
Andrew Silikovitz (West Orange, NJ)
Mark Mannasse (San Francisco, CA)
Judith Bagai (Portland, OR)
Paul Bickart (Washington, DC)
William Lane (Falmouth, MA)
Mike Geselowitz (Cedarhurst, NY)
Paul Noack
Mary Lyndal Nyberg
Richard Lang (Stamford, CT)
Rebecca Jordan
Dan Milton
Carolyn Fox
Wayne Scott
Mike Lessie (Douglasville, PA)
Max Good
Kiki Neely
Elaine Cullinan (Valencia, PA)

And in alphabetical order:
Judy Adamski
Judith Bagai
Paul Bickart
Norm Crawford
Elaine Cullinan
Michael Engber
Carolyn Fox
Mike Geselowitz
Max Good
Tony Greanias
Rebecca Jordan
Eliot Kieval
William Lane
Richard Lang
Mike Lessie
Gary Levin
Mark Mannasse
Dan Milton
Kiki Neely
Paul Noack
Mary Lyndal Nyberg
Phyllis Rosen
Renate Rosenblatt
Arthur Schless
Wayne Scott
Andrew Silikovitz
Anita Stejskal