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Solution to Puzzle #89 - October 2008 "Euclidian Geometry"

The omitted letters (in parentheses in the list below) spell


  1. HA(R)ROW
  2. PASSE
  4. BOOR
  5. REPT(I)LE
  6. ORLON
  8. (G)OUGE
  9. POET
  10. S(H)ERBET
  11. SPARE
  12. ALLEGE
  14. FAS(T)
  16. NESTS
  17. TERSE
  18. S(T)EED
  19. SE(R)RATE


  2. GA(I)NSAY
  3. EL(A)PSE
  4. SEER
  5. SPOO(N)
  6. PARSE
  7. OTTO
  8. EA(G)LET
  9. DWELT
  10. TRUSS
  11. SPREE
  12. SEMITE
  13. ABODE
  14. (L)ANDER
  15. SOROR
  16. LAURA
  17. SOLUBL(E)
  18. EASTER
  19. OGEE
  20. FLEE

Kevin Wald solved the puzzle in 30 minutes.

Gerald Hurtubise sent the following along with his solution:

"In a mating ritual, 3 newlywed native couples went to their tepees... one couple made love on a bear skin, and soon had a son another couple made love on a deer skin and also had a son but the third couple made love on a hippopotamus skin and had twin sons... so

"the sons of the squaw on the hide of the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws on the other two hides!"

Should I strike his name from the list?

October Puzzle Solvers
(The first ten are listed in the order their solutions were received, the others alphabetically)

  1. Elizabeth and Keith Falkner Sarasota, FL
  2. Mike Lessie Douglassvile, PA
  3. Lewis Gee Poway, CA
  4. Dina Fertig Cherry Hill, NJ
  5. Charles J. Rohrmann, Jr. Scarsdale, NY
  6. Judy Adamski Jenison, MI
  7. Darreby Ambler Bath, ME
  8. Jim Christenson Port Townsend, WA
  9. Steve Tice Great Falls, VA
  10. Kris Green Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Al Backiel – Ridgewood, NJ
Jonathan Belsky – St Louis, MO
Ed Binkowski – New York, NY
Barry Brandes – Purdys, NY
Robert Brown – Albuquerque, NM
Patricia Coppersmith – Venice, FL
Henry Cook – Chicago, IL
Jeff Courtright – Normal, IL
Barbara Featherston – St. Louis, MO
Juan Carlos Fernandez – West Hollywood, CA
Matthew Field – London, UK
Stan Francuz – Forster NSW, Australia
Dwight Freund – Sacramento, CA
Michael N. Geselowitz – Cedarhurst, NY
John Gliessman – Seattle, WA
Max Goodman – Chicago, IL
Yohma Gray – Evanston, IL
George Griffin – Las Vegas, NV
Brian Hagen – Millbrae, CA
Dick Holmes – Lake Bluff, IL
Gerald Hurtubise – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Gigi & Tony Janeshek – Lake Jackson, TX
Ralph Jones – Aurora, CO
Wayne Jones – Worcester, NY
Dorothy Juhlin – Hillsborough, NC
Dave Kaplan – New City, NY
Rick Kasten – Alexandria, VA
Steve Kinsky – Denver, CO
Doug Kouril – XX
Stan Kurzban – Chappaqua, NY
Richard Letourneau – Bonita Springs, FL
Paul Lustig – Lakewood, OH
Roy McLeese – Washington, DC
Jim McNally – Shortsville, NY
Daniel J. Milton – Vienna, VA
Kiki Neely – Waban, MA
Mary Lyndal Nyberg – Manhattan, KS
Patrick D. Phillips – Bainbridge Island, WA
Charles Ray – North Potomac, MD
Stan Rehm – Madison, WI
Ned Robert – Los Gatos, CA
Sue Roberts – Tucson, AZ
Joe Rogers – Old Greenwich, CT
Carolyn Roosevelt – Cambridge, MA
Mordy Rosen – Berkeley, CA
Andrew Rosenberg – Brooklyn, NY
Al Sanders – Fort Collins, CO
Arthur Schless – Unionville, PA
Joe Schrader – Hillsboro, OR
Dexter Senft – Bedford, NY
Carolyn G. & Robert M. Smith – Massena, NY
Donald Stanley – Littleton, CO
Edward Stejskal – Raleigh, NC
John Stuelpnagel – Baltimore, MD
Claire Trazenfeld – Crownsville, MD
Korina Tueller – Phoenix, AZ
S Venkatraghavan – Mumbai, India
Margaret Webster – Medford, MA
Thomas Wilson – South Williamsport, PA
Jay Winter – Farmington Hills, MI