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Puzzle #82 March 2008  "Exclusive"

Instructions: Guess the words defined by the cryptic clues (answers vary in length from four to eleven letters, and six are capitalized) then enter them in the grid one after another in the same order as their clues, starting in the upper left corner. Across words that don't end at the right continue on the next row, and down words that don't end at the bottom continue in the next column. Eleven across words and ten down words won't fit in the grid unless one of their letters is omitted. Those twenty-one letters, taken in order as they occur in across and down words, spell a seven-word message related to the mystery entry. Thanks to Kevin Wald for test-solving and editing this puzzle. (If you are having trouble printing these puzzles, you can download an Adobe Acrobat version of the puzzle and grid). [Want to see some hints?]


  1. Love working with a Chaplin
  2. Darwin's strange secret
  3. Small family's clothing material
  4. Tom has the French projection
  5. Lively period around '49
  6. Esotropic coders scrambled to get right back 5-4
  7. Large choker restraining ape
  8. This is crazy, bats
  9. One who frequents primarily German or English restaurants
  10. Complain without energy while having a seizure
  11. Quietly heartbroken about end of Persian cat
  12. Advantageously frames label
  13. Parisian's sweet about start of her shower
  14. Aloof; lacking range to express feeling
  15. Ball carrier initially regained lead
  16. Terribly upset, Ed assigns a substitute
  17. Smashes a bottle with a shoe
  18. Secures a lease with a second auction
  19. Loudmouth bishop who cooked in fat
  20. Automatic behavior of judge and law


  1. Worker in lavatory wasting time starting repairs
  2. Wedge in the rough
  3. Entire show's ending before opening
  4. Native American died for religious beliefs
  5. Spare king and judge
  6. Attractive fellow's arm held by popular singer
  7. Granada houses a collection
  8. Trim fuzz around rabbit's head
  9. Stuttgart opera has lush interior
  10. Koko likes keeping weight up
  11. Beat us after taking a break
  12. Sound start of early feast
  13. Talk English or burn
  14. River originating in Sun Lake
  15. Was Kennedy murdered?
  16. Send note about the Spanish receipts
  17. Stock posturing about uncle's mate
  18. Attack and fight about nothing
  19. Assuaged about reversal of magnetic unit
  20. Club bachelor beginning to dine in renovated lounge
  21. Get healthy in Connecticut lodge