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Guest Puzzle July 2012 "Writer's Blocks" by Roger Wolff

Instructions: Fourteen answers need to be modified before being entered into the grid. If you can't figure out how to make the modifications and are 19 Across, then perhaps you should try it. (If you are having trouble printing these puzzles, you can download an Adobe Acrobat version of the puzzle and grid).


      1. Was I moving around author?
      5. Amazing leap over middle of little river
          in Nebraska
    10. A cuter born-again priest
    11. A government prosecutor follows
          innocent one in dance
    12. Wired oddly?
    14. In France, know to appreciate flavor
          requires a bit of insight
    16. Admit "fact," i.e., is false (2 words)
    18. Laze about with vigor
    19. See instructions
    20. Stop the leftovers!
    22. Baked treat from spoiled bread, mostly
    24. Missing last of molars; in need of
          fifteen braces
    25. Tipsy Danes in a car
    26. Pay for $5 topless dance
    27. Fat discovered in carrot underground
    28. One that needs breakfast food in a
    29. Spouse returns, losing foot in snare


      2. Put on creamed cheese around top of
          ear? Crazy dreams
      3. Parent regarding horse
      4. Animal doc carries small coat
      5. Real thugs massacred butcher
      6. Without a piece of soap, work very hard
          to wash
      7. Same boa crushed small animals
      8. Danger of first of triplet's heart bursting
      9. Incredible luck! A seal
    13. Prepping a plane, perhaps, by small
          dent around top of engine chip
    15. Stop Garth from Wayne's World with a
    17. The French follow flying acts of rook
    19. Leader of Denmark's boat is a recruiting
          tool for the Navy?
    21. Large mammal from western states
    22. Unhappy recounting covers funeral
    23. Bug missing in small group