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Guest Puzzle January 2016  "Good Vibes" by Arthur Schless

Guess the words defined by the cryptic clues (answers vary in length from three to eleven letters, six are capitalized, and one is an abbreviation) then enter them in the grid one after another in the same order as their clues, starting in the upper left corner. Across words that don't end at the right continue on the next row, and down words that don't end at the bottom continue in the next column. Six across words and six down words won't fit in the grid unless one of their letters is omitted. Those twelve letters, taken in order as they occur in across and down words, spell a two-word phrase related to the mystery entries. If you are having trouble printing these puzzles, you can download an Adobe Acrobat version of the puzzle and grid. [Want to see some hints?]


  1. Mystery entry
  2. In favor of a fertile renewal and increase
  3. Strange urge to hold a tool
  4. Quickest and safest alteration takes time
  5. Rip me off first
  6. Appear to observe manners initially
  7. Painter has left out one satellite
  8. A turd can cover one shittah tree, perhaps
  9. Very expensive actress gives up starting role
  10. Nepeta plant puts one out for a short sleep
  11. Seven in thirty include a musical interval
  12. A divided earth is very serious
  13. Forceful, but of inferior strength when having children
  14. Ecstatic about now
  15. Told off bonehead
  16. Native American stream with no end in sight
  17. Sound look of supporting structure
  18. Even parts of stroke or kick
  19. Dog returning with nothing is okay
  20. Ezra's new level
  21. Fear never having merit
  22. Head liberal will have to speak off-the-cuff
  23. Understanding Viagra's potential in part
  24. Mystery entry


  1. Cause of lacking vitality, including a cut that's infected
  2. Agreeable rustic holds fifty
  3. Amphibian is partly into a ditch
  4. Scottish Gaelic part of verses
  5. Catherine's crazy teacher taking her out
  6. Deviate unlawfully having received a chemical product
  7. Smart river animal
  8. Barrier keeps author in cell
  9. Handbook has English for a Spanish name
  10. A poem that's sung in modesty
  11. Ernesto's sanctuary
  12. Turned egg into metal
  13. Look inside prisoner's gut
  14. Long suffering people under doctor's care will be heard
  15. Putrid mess includes start of stinking upset
  16. Emergency room will have the anesthetic
  17. I graph boy's development and life story
  18. Endlessly avoid young salmon
  19. Whole insides filled with fat
  20. Chemical compound has carbon in place of boron, for instance
  21. Impedance by some is nuts
  22. Amir scored La Douce, for one
  23. Female player sports a child's lock